Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Craft Site:

I was trying to think of a theme to go with for May outreach story times, and I decided to go with farms/farm animals, and to do dinosaurs in June. I was looking for a nice craft to go with the theme but having a difficult time finding something that could just be cut out. Most of the things I was finding required paper plates, a lot of gluing, etc.

I stumbled upon the website Kizclub and I love it! I have bookmarked it and will be going back to it often. It has really great crafts; I immediately went to the animal crafts and found some amazing farm animal finger puppets that were just what I wanted (in black and white as well as color).

Everything is so well organized and there are so many resources: crafts, flash cards, items dealing with nursery rhymes, booklets, and a huge database of props that go with specific stories. I even found props for Bark, George!, one of my favorite books to use for both English and Spanish story times. Definitely one of the most well-organized and creative websites I've visited, with easy navigation and adorable crafts and learning materials.

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