Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bilingual Resources for Children

Through my searches I've found a few really good bilingual resources.

The Utah State Library has some really nice bilingual story time scripts available on their website. And the Lititz Public Library has a really good powerpoint titled Bilingual Storytime for Beginners.

Last but certainly not least, I came across a wonderful blog titled El Perro en la Luna (The Dog on the Moon) that has the most wonderful reviews of Spanish Children's books. I've never come across a website quite like this one, and I highly recommend it. Most of the books I have never come across but look very interesting, and some I have heard of and loved (like Little Beauty by Anthony Browne, known in Spanish as Cosita Linda). I highly recommend this blog and will be visiting it often.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture Book of the Month: It's a Book

Lately I've become a big fan of the work of Lane Smith, in particular of two picture books by Smith: John, Paul, George, & Ben (2006) and It's a Book (2010). The picture book for this month is It's a Book, a clever and witty story about a monkey, a mouse, and a jackass who are sitting together while going about their business. The monkey and the mouse are occupied with a book, while the jackass is busy typing away on his computer.

He constantly bugs the monkey, asking him whether his book can "text, blog, scroll, wi-fi, or tweet." The book is simply charming, the ending is unexpected, and all the small details are very nice to notice (such as the types of fonts used for each of the characters). This book is a must to check out, and if you become a fan of it, which I'm sure you will, keep a look out for It's a Little Book, coming out this October.