Monday, April 21, 2014

Colores de la Vida

Colores de la Vida
Mexican Folk Art Colors in English and Spanish
Cynthia Weill
Folk Art by Artisans from Oaxaca

If possible, I love this book even more than Count Me In. The layout and color scheme of this book is perfect. If a page is dedicated to pink/rosa, the work of art and the background are both shades of pink, but it is never too much pink. The different shades work well together. The borders match with the letters used to spell the colors, and there is so much detail in the works of art, that once you are done reading the colors, you will want to stare at the folk art all day. These are pieces of art I would love to have in my own home, or at least to hang prints of. I also love that the folk art pieces are animals, and I love the inclusion of gold and silver as well as a beautiful multi-colored set of pigs. This book is a treasure: a clear, crisp way of learning the colors in English and Spanish, and a gift for our eyes as we look upon all of the fine works of art made by artists in Oaxaca.

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