Friday, February 7, 2014

Como Reconocer a Un Monstruo, Pinguino

Cómo Reconocer a un Monstruo
Gustavo Roldán

This is a very quick and fun book to read, especially out loud to someone. It is an easy guide to finding out how to recognize a monster. The book begins very comically: if you think you have come across something that could possibly be a monster, it is best to be sure. If the creature has large feet and a tail that goes for meters and meters, you may just be face to face with a monster. What makes this book fun to read is that every time you turn the page, you see a new part of the monster, so the book builds up until you are finally sure you are seeing a monster.

Polly Dunbar, 2007
Belén Cabal, traducción, 2008

This is also a very funny book, and would be great to pair with Cómo Reconocer a un Monstruo. Lucas is a little boy that has just received a penguin as a gift. He tries and tries, but Penguin will not speak, no matter what. Finally Lion comes by and Lucas offers Penguin to the Lion as a snack. The ending will make you laugh and will surprise you.

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