Monday, September 3, 2012

Picture Book of the Month: City Dog, Country Frog

It has been quite a while (more than a year) since I last made a Picture Book of the Month post. I want to start posting one picture book every month from now on. This picture book will count for August and I'll post the September Picture Book of the Month in a few days.

For August, the picture book I've chosen is City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems, illustrated by Jon J Muth. I really love everything about this book: the characters, the illustrations, the dedications, and the message on the back of the book.

The writing is so crisp and clean, so simple but so beautiful. As you follow City Dog and Country Frog and see them become good friends, as you see the beautiful seasons pass by, you begin to wonder what will happen next season. When Fall comes around, you begin to feel somewhat of a sadness in your heart, and Winter just breaks your heart.

This is an absolute must-have book for every library. Young children and adults will both enjoy this book and understand what has happened. This book teaches us to appreciate those we love and care about and to spend as much time with them. I definitely plan on purchasing this book for my personal library in the future.

It is, as the back states, "a heartfelt meditation on time and the lasting impact of friendship." It is "a reflection on the natural course of friendship - and life - that will resonate with readers of all ages."

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