Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reusing Plastic Bottles

You can reuse plastic bottles in so many ways. These are three of the activities we've done at the library using plastic bottles.

This plastic bottle is now a cool lava lamp! National Geographic and have quick instructions, and all you really need is vegetable oil, food coloring, an alka-seltzer or other effervescent tablet and water!

This bottle is holding vegetable oil, water, dish soap, and more (many of them colored with food coloring) to teach kids about density. Reuse plastic bottles to give kids a liquid rainbow of their own. 
The book How to Make a Liquid Rainbow by Lori Shores gives clear and quick instructions on how to make this fun bottle of color.

This Mummy Holder required only plastic bottles cut in half, gauze, google eyes, and tape and
made a fun Halloween craft (and can also make an awesome Egypt craft).
Source: Family Fun

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