Friday, November 29, 2013

Sky Color

Sky Color
Peter H. Reynolds

This third book in Peter H. Reynolds’ Creatrilogy (along with The Dot and Ish), focuses on Marisol, a young artistic girl who is helping her class paint a mural in the library. She loves to paint (and does so beautifully). But when there is no blue paint for the sky, Marisol goes home troubled. How will she paint the sky? As the sun sets and day turns to night, Marisol really sees the myriad of colors that make up the sky, and she brings that beauty to the mural the next day. This books is really breathtaking; the paint colors are in bright and colorful, while surroundings and people are in grey, which makes a truly lovely combination. I love that Marisol is a multicultural character, which is why I decided to review the book here. The Dot and Ish also feature multicultural characters, and Ish is on the Reading Is Fundamental 2012-2013 STEAM Multicultural Booklist for Grades Pre-K – 5.

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