Saturday, December 4, 2010

A few excerpts on libraries

A few excerpts from an article discussing libraries.

Public libraries are an integral part of a free, educated society
I completely agree.

Some argue that the library is an antiquated institution
Unfortunately, yes. What with so many new forms of technology, it seems that maybe people will be going to libraries to visit them sort of as if they were museums. What can libraries, and librarians, offer that is not already known or available with the click of a button? The problem with this belief is that it does not take into consideration the people who don't know how to find information, who need help finding resources, who don't have access to computers/copy machines/printers, who need help finding good and accurate information that a quick search in a search engine just won't give. And, of course, no matter how large one's house is or how amazing one's computer is, it will never hold all of the books in the world; that's one reason libraries will always be here.

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